This is the CLCCR structure

The members of CLCCR elect from amongst their members the President, Vice-President and Secretary General at the plenary meeting.

The President of CLCCR is elected for a period of four years. President and Vice-President must be representatives from member companies of the national associations.

The current President, Vice-President and Secretaries of CLCCR are:

Stephane Girerd (FRA)

Vice-President: Aki Siren (FIN)

Aki Siren (FIN)

Treasurer: Ben Van Roose

Ben Van Roose (BEL)

Secretary of Technical Committee: David Francis (UK)

Secretary of Technical Committee:
David Francis (UK)

Secretary General: Dr. Sascha Pfeifer (D)

Secretary General:
Dr. Sascha Pfeifer (D)

For contact information please follow this link: Member-Associations
Stephane Girerd
Chairman of CLCCR
President & CEO of Toutenkamion Group
Vice-President Fédération Française de la Carrosserie – Constructeurs
French Foreign Trade Advisor
Aki Siren Roose
Vice-President of CLCCR

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Ben Van Roose
Treasurer CLCCR
Manager Manufacturing at the AGORIA – automotive
Responsible for Manufacturing Industries department within Agoria. Facilitating activities to maintain and support. Creating awareness among stakeholders to cherish, embrace, anchor and strengthen Manufacturing Industries in Belgium.Chair of, Member of the Board of CLCCR, CLEPA, EFFRA.
David Francis
Secretary of the CLCCR Technical Committee
Senior Technical Manager and Team Leader at the SMMT
David is a Senior Technical Manager and Team Leader at the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), which is the largest and most influential Automotive industry association in the United Kingdom (UK).

He leads as SMMT technical specialist on heavy commercial vehicles, trailers and bodywork, buses and coaches, and across all vehicle safety topics. David is a Chartered Engineer with a background in developing vehicle policy, regulations, and standards within government and industry.

Prior to joining the SMMT in 2017, David was a Senior Engineer at the UK Department for Transport responsible for policy and standards over a wide range of vehicle regulations and type approval topics, representing the UK in various UN ECE and EU groups.
Dr. Sascha Pfeifer
Secretary General of CLCCR
Head of Transportation Policy Division at the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)
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